Mentalist Las Vegas Mentalist in Las Vegas
    Intuitive,... Engaging... &  Entertaining !
    The Amazing Leoni
    My name is Leoni; I’m a Mentalist residing in Las Vegas.   

    What I offer to your event is a unique experience for your
    guests. A chance to relive the feeling of wonderment they once had as a child. Amazement!

    During the event you will be showered with comments from your guest complimenting how amazing the mentalist is.

    You will look like the hero for making the right decision in hiring the most entertaining and classy act in this town.

    Please take a look at the pictures and the video demo reel. A picture they say speaks a thousand words. There are many pictures of amazed guests. This is how your event should feel.       Amazing !

    Mentalist in Las Vegas
    Mentalist in Las Vegas
    Mentalist in Las Vegas

    Mentalist in Las Vegas
    Pictured here at Planet Hollywood.
    My current Look