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Read for yourself.

“A Brand NEW kind of Magic” ! (WBTV)

“I saw this guy at Charlie Goodnights a couple of nights ago,… and saw him do magic I’ve NEVER SEEING BEFORE. Amazing!    (Bob The Blade…WRDU)

“The best close-up artist I’ve ever seen.”
 (Carl M. Rogers. President/CEO)

“Bending spoons, stopping watches! A firm grasp of reality ends! Enrico Leoni is Magic! Men are baffled. Women are AMAZED. Everyone is delighted to be fooled.”
 (Sarah Avery—The Raleigh News & Observer)

“I highly recomend Enrico for any occasion.  He is truly worth any price!”
(Triangle Radio Partners:G105106 RDU)

“How the heck do you do that?”
(Bill Maher. ………..from Real Time with Bill Maher)

“Unbelievable ! How did you know that ?”
(Richard Roundtree ……Original “Shaft”)

“The next mornings topic of conversation in the break room
still centered on the entertainment the night before.” (A.R. KAMM. Pharmaceutical Clinical Development)

“His performances have always been
spectacular and truly defy explanation !”
                  (Carl M. R. President/CEO DuBose National Energy Service Inc.)

“You made the evening a success!
Over 500 party-goers were delighted and impressed with your ability to work
the crowds and get the spirit of the evening going.
I personally want to thank you as well.”
 (Barbara W. “Is seeing believing?……NC Museum of Arts.)

“One of the top magician performing in town.”  (The Toronto Star)

“It’s unbelievable how he does this in front of you —you have no idea how accomplishes this.”                                         (TheWarehouse)

Platform Show:

This is a stand up show, that can range anywhere from 7min to 60min (1hour) with built in comedic situations & plenty of audience participation, with amazement and laughter.

Close-up Show:

With this show, I walk around performing for your guests sitting down at their table, or standing up during the party or reception.

A combination show of close-up walk-around magic and mind-reading, along with a comedic in nature mind reading show that can be tailored to your event & can last anywhere from  15 to 60-minute s that involves plenty of audience participation. Prepare for an event filled with  wonder, laughter, and unforgettable moments. Contact us now at 323-397-6923 to secure your magical encounter!

Entertaining Since 1270

Step into an immersive world where intuition seamlessly converges with the impossible, and entertainment transcends all boundaries.

My name is Leoni; I’m a Mentalist residing in Los Angeles California

What I offer to your event is a unique experience for your guests. A chance to relive the feeling of wonderment they once had as a child. Amazement!

During the event you will be showered with comments from your guest complimenting how amazing the mentalist is.

You will look like the hero for making the right decision in hiring the most entertaining and profesional  act in this town.

Please take a look at the pictures and the video demo reel. A picture they say speaks a thousand words. There are many pictures of amazed guests. This is how your event should feel.  Amazing ! Contact me today for a quote, and let’s make your event memorable.



Call: (323) 397-6923



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Call: (323) 397-6923